What is RPA?

iS-RPA (i-Search Robotic Process Automation) is an RPA product of i-Search Independent Intellectual Property. As the first professional venor of RPA products in China, i-Search aims to solve the problem of business process automation for enterprises, greatly reducing the number of people engaged in standard, repetitive, cumbersome and high-volume work tasks. It is the purest form of automation. With its lightweight, efficient and fast performance, iS-RPA has stepped out of the "machine-making" stage and stepped into a new field of "replacement for people to do things."

Large-Scale Data Migration.

iS-RPA possess prefect compatibility to deal with Excel. The ‘request component’ is embeded in iS-RPA,which can gain data from API. At the same time, we also provide AI technology ‘CV component’ to gain data. In the first step, through iS-RPA, data can be got either from the database to get, or from the specified URL, or from the specified location in information system. In the second step, iS-RPA preprocess data, and use strong capabilities to merge the data. According to the algorithm given by developer, is -RPA can calculate a large amount of data. Every second, more than 100million data can be processed. In the next step the calculated results will be written into the specified location. In addition, iS-RPA Studio can program directly in python.

Labor cost save
up to


Work efficiency raise
up to


ROI up to


Error rate


Where Can RPA Be Used?

      iS-RPA is not only suitable for traditional financial, taxation, and financial industries. It can also help enterprises achieve intelligent automation in business processes in human resources, information technology, insurance, customer service centers, operators, manufacturing and other industries. Increase efficiency and save more time and cost for production and operation.
    Tax robots, financial business robots, intelligent assisted robots, supply chain management robots, IT operation and maintenance robots, human resource management robots, audit compliance robots……

Powerful UI recognition

Powerful UI recognition, no need to change existing system framework.


Introduction to iS-RPA server

  • Text-based recognition
  • Dynamic information acquisition
  • Cross application and system support
  • Optical Character Recognition(OCR)
  • Application support

iS-RPA provide :visualized development enviroment, functional design environment, with visualized development environment enables non-IT professionals to quickly and easily configure the robot workflow.

Our Customers

At present, i-Search has more than 100 customer service customers and has successful cases overseas.

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